So much more than Global Payroll: View the latest webinar from BDO evolve

On 12 February 2020 our Global Payroll experts from BDO evolve hosted an informative webinar titled, So much more than Global Payroll
Addressing the complex challenges that surround a basic payslip production service.

Webinar Overview

Global employers and their employees need so more than just the basic gross-to-net and payslip service that was the traditional outsourcing norm.

The webinar looked across the market from the employer, employee, systems and services to illustrate how the market is responding at every level;

  • From increasingly sophisticated data exchange/validation.
  • Through visibility and control of complex global operations.
  • To complementary services such as expat tax and in-country reporting to ensure compliance efficiently.

You can view a video of the webinar here or download the slide deck using the button below.

Download Webinar Slides

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